You can get into your dream PhD, while being 100% you.

You want to be a leader and changemaker.

You want to have a position of power to make the world better.

You want to impact the communities and expand research in the way only you can.


This is what we’re here for.


We’re here to help you become a leader and changemaker by getting your fully funded PhD.

If you don’t have all the knowledge and skills right now to get into your dream PhD successfully, this is where we come in.


In the Fearless Grad Program we teach you how to get accepted and funded, while saving time and your sanity.


You can do this while working full time, going to school full time, juggling family, friends, and a million other life commitments.


Women and people from underrepresented groups often wait to do things until we feel “100% qualified” and ready. But, that means other people are moving forward on their path to becoming leaders and we’re still waiting on the sidelines.


We must change this. And this change starts with you. Going after your PhD goals even if you’re uncertain can be challenging, and this is exactly why the Fearless Grad program is here to help you every step of the way.

I used this exact process to get accepted to 100% of the PhD programs I applied to. 


I did the PhD application process while working full-time, planning a wedding, and living in a cramped apartment with roommates.

In short, I know it’s tough to find the time to go after your goals, and that’s exactly why I created the Fearless Grad program to show you how to reach your PhD goals in the most strategic way possible.


Since completing my PhD I’ve doubled my income, and provide a life for my family I am proud of. I love helping passionate PhD hopefuls like you become leaders and create the life of their dreams.

Why Will You Be Successful? 

The Fearless Grad Approach


I’m an engineer and a successful PhD, and I always begin with the end in mind.

Thinking about you and how you will reach your PhD goals is the only thing that drives this program.


I started with the premise “How can I help passionate people get their fully funded PhD with less stress so they can become leaders and changemakers sooner?”

Then I developed the most effective framework to make your PhD success inevitable. 


This is why I combine multiple formats in this program to give you the perfect amount of individual “get sh*t done” time combined with personal 1:1 sessions where we draw out the gold nuggets you’ve been holding onto, and a community supporting and cheering you on to the finish line.

There are 4 main parts of the Fearless Grad program.

This is how it works.

I, and the team I’ve trained, are experts at asking you the right questions to draw out your genius. We are also experts at not letting you be modest. We have to showcase you as the go-to PhD candidate so they pick you out of the pile and offer you the $300k position.


Each Fearless Grad is matched with their expert consultant who meets with you for 2 collaborative 1:1 sessions where we dramatically improve your resume and statement of purpose (SOP).

Instead of just editing your essay and sending it back, we believe you can and should get smarter and better in this program. We teach you how to write better, ask more critical questions, and how to structure your essay so it absolutely "wows". Your personal consultant first reviews your SOP, provides edits and comments, and then we meet with you to collaborate and make the SOP 100% better. Trust us, when we start asking you questions and drawing out your genius, the SOP really takes a whole new form. We do the editing first, so we’re prepared, and then in our time together we can focus on exactly what we need to to get your SOP into the accepted stack.

We take the same approach with your resume or CV. This is a crucial piece of the application which is used to screen you into the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ pile. We know what needs to be here to make you stand out and have them saying “We want to work with her!” 

We edit your resume ahead of time, and you meet with your consultant for a collaborative 1:1 session to finalize your PhD resume. Again, it’s not about us doing 10 resume reviews and charging you 10 times. Rather, we want you to know how to develop and improve your resume again and again. This is a skill that will serve you now and in the future.

It’s proven that the people you surround yourself with matter. It’s the greatest brain hack in the world to see other people doing things you want to do. You start thinking “hey, I could do that too”, and then you start taking action and before long, boom, bam you’re doing it!

This is the idea behind these group calls. You get to ask questions to Dr. Natalie and get expert guidance and feedback on a weekly cadence so you never get stuck. And, you get to learn from your peers and see how they approach things so you can get better and better.

The group is pretty small ~30 people, and chances are if you show up and engage you’ll get to ask your question and have a 10 minute chat with Dr. Natalie to get you crystal clear on the best course of action. All of these calls are recorded and serve as a bank of knowledge for all Fearless Grads.

You can join these calls from now until you step foot on campus. Keep asking questions and getting stronger and better. The best part is we cover you from start to finish; this even includes that time after you hit ‘submit’, wh​​en you begin interviewing and negotiating offers.

This PhD application thing will be totally unique to you and your goals. But, there are some key steps every successful PhD should do. And, you should execute these at the highest level. Even if you’ve already done some of the work, you should have an expert guide to follow so you make sure you’re creating the best application possible and ensuring your chances of getting in. I designed these modules to be bite-sized, but totally comprehensive. Instead of guessing and wondering what steps you need to do and in what order, I lay it out in crystal clear detail. Many of my type A clients appreciate the thoroughness and simple ‘checklist’ style approach that tells them if they are on the right track. You have lifetime access to this material, and it gets refreshed regularly to stay up-to-date with all of the PhD trends.

I want to give you more opportunities to connect with people just like you going through this crazy journey together. We use slack and have private channels to talk about PhD and personal topics. No matter what time-zone you’re in you can ask questions and get expert advice from the Fearless Grad team, and feedback from your fellow PhD hopefuls. It’s a great way to ask questions and keep moving forward quickly without ever being stuck. Fearless Grads routinely connect with others and collaborate or swap materials to keep getting better and better. I encourage you to take advantage of this community.

The Guarantee


The Fearless Grad process is guaranteed: if you do the work and don't get the results you want, we will work with you 100% free next cycle until you hit your goal. It is no risk, and all reward. We’re that certain in our process and in you getting results.

The Fearless Grad On-Demand Program Overview

Module 1: Clarity 

The reason why many people get rejected from PhD programs is they don’t have a clear vision of why they are applying and what they really want to do. Lack of clarity keeps people spinning in circles and jumping from thing to thing. This is why I teach you how to get clear on your big vision and make real forward progress.


Module 2: Aligning with the right PhD programs for you

Many people come with a ‘dream list’ of programs, and others come not having any idea how to actually choose programs that fit their diverse interests. I teach you how to be strategic in finding ideal PhD programs and shortlisting schools that align with your big vision and your values. You’re going to find hidden gems you didn’t even know about, and you’re going to get pretty damn excited.

Module 3: Resume

A lot of people simply do not know what PhD committees are looking for, and have no idea how to market themselves as the right person for the job. I teach you exactly what they are looking for and how to take your experiences and show them you are a perfect fit for the PhD.

Module 4: Connecting

Connecting with PhD faculty, PhD students and admins is a critical piece of this application process. And it can seem super scary if you’ve never done it before, or if you’ve been rejected before. I teach you how to have fun with this process and make real relationships that will dramatically improve your chances of getting a fully funded PhD. These relationships will help you build your network and your foundation as a PhD student and beyond.

Module 5: Application Necessities

There’s a lot of confusion about how to approach the GRE or whether or not to take it. I help you decide the best way forward for you and your goals.

Many people put off actually creating the application package until the end. They end up stressed and with a mediocre application.  I teach you how to make sure your application is 100% ready to submit far in advance of deadlines so you’ll be less stressed and able to focus on what really matters. I help you update your Linkedin so their very first google search of your name makes them say “yes we definitely want to speak with her!”.

Module 6: Fellowships and Outside Funding

Getting in and getting funded are usually one and the same for full-time research PhD programs. So extra funding isn’t a necessity, but is a great bonus and I want you to go after big fellowships that excite you. And I want you to know how to do that successfully for now, and throughout your PhD journey (you’ll apply for many more grants!).

Module 7: Statement of Purpose

When you approach the SOP like a dreaded item on your to-do list instead of a confident go-getter, it shows. I teach you how to craft your story that highlights exactly why you are the best person to accomplish your big vision and why that school would be lucky to have you. I make it simple so you can follow my SOP template and draft your SOP in one weekend.

Module 8: Launching

My goal is that you thrive in your new PhD program, and this is where I teach you how to interview them during the interview process so you love your new PhD program. The interview process can be scary, especially for people who are told by society that they shouldn’t speak up and ask for what they want. I teach you how to be confident and interview like the leader you are. I also teach you what to expect in a PhD program and how to navigate PhD offers.

What happens when you join

When you join the Fearless Grad program you get access to all of the online trainings and modules, expert collaborative 1:1 sessions,  the community, weekly coaching, and all of the bonuses (live training events pop up all the time). You can get started right away.

You’ll have a plan you can put in place and start executing from day one.

During the process you will learn exactly what you need to get into top PhD programs with full funding, and how to start thinking like a successful PhD. You get all the tools and support to follow through and make big things happen. We’ve thought of everything for you.


Fully Funded PhD at The University of Oklahoma


Fully Funded PhD at Stanford University

Nick J.

"I made the decision to go to grad school a little later on, and finding resources and trying to learn about the whole process was very daunting.

Natalie definitely helped clarify this and was also full of great tips I would not have found without her. She helped streamline my thought process and how to focus and reach out to professors.

Really helped me find a vision with a way forward on this whole process."

Fully Funded PhD at Princeton


"I could take all of the skills you provided and create all of these working documents I needed. And I feel really confident in what I’m submitting. I know deep down I did everything right, and that’s a really good feeling."


Fully Funded PhD at Miami University


"Before the Fearless Grad program I was at a 5/10 and now after doing the program I’m a 9/10 on confidence to apply to PhD programs. I felt way more organized though the whole process.

Fully Funded PhD at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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The Fearless Grad program is closed for the 2022 application cycle. 

Please sign up here for our waitlist for next year.