You can get into your dream PhD, while being 100% you.

You’re trying to work full time and apply to PhD programs at the same time. It’s A LOT. 


You might be feeling overwhelmed. You’re going from youtube, to google and back again trying to find something that makes sense.

It doesn’t have to be this way. A PhD at top universities is and should be available to everyone. 

The reality is that getting into top PhD programs is 100% possible for you, it just requires strategies, tips and tools that make you stand out as the best candidate.

In the Fearless Grad Program we teach you how to get accepted and funded at top PhD programs without the stress.

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What You Get With The Fearless Grad Program

You triple your ability to get a fully-funded PhD, while eliminating stress and overwhelm. 

You get access to the online training, worksheets, and templates to guide you through the entire application and funding process. Every step comes from an insider’s perspective and is simple to execute. 

You have live weekly group coaching calls to answer all of your questions (no more being stuck!). A PhD expert reviews your resume and SOP to make sure it is 100% you - only better! You also have access to the Fearless Grad private slack community for life, where you can learn from and connect with others going through the exact same thing you are. 

Streamlined Process

Finally get clear actionable steps to reach your grad school goals.

1:1 personalized and group coaching

Talk with a real human dedicated to helping you succeed

Essay Reviews

Create your most authentic and successful application

The Guarantee

The Fearless Grad process is guaranteed: if you do the work and don't get the results you want, we will work with you 100% free next cycle until you hit your goal. It is no risk, and all reward. We make this guarantee so you can invest in you - without the guilt.


Fully Funded PhD at the University of Oklahoma


Fully Funded PhD at Stanford University

Nick J.

"I made the decision to go to grad school a little later on, and finding resources and trying to learn about the whole process was very daunting.

Natalie definitely helped clarify this and was also full of great tips I would not have found without her. She helped streamline my thought process and how to focus and reach out to professors.

Really helped me find a vision with a way forward on this whole process."

Fully Funded PhD at Princeton


"I could take all of the skills you provided and create all of these working documents I needed. And I feel really confident in what I’m submitting. I know deep down I did everything right, and that’s a really good feeling."


Fully Funded PhD at Miami University


"Before the Fearless Grad program I was at a 5/10 and now after doing the program I’m a 9/10 on confidence to apply to PhD programs. I felt way more organized though the whole process.

Fully Funded PhD at Worcester Polytechnic Institute 

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Why Will You Be Successful In This Program?


It's The Powerful Combination of Technical Know How and Support That Propels You To Success


Imagine how successful you could be if you had a roadmap and all the support to get you from A to B?

Imagine what you could create when your mind isn’t bogged down with anxiety, stress, and self-doubt.

You’ll be starting your dream PhD program next fall with full funding.


Fearless Grad Program

Teaching you step by step how to get into your ideal PhD program with funding.

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