Get into your dream PhD with full funding.


You want to be a leader and changemaker and create the life of your dreams.

This is what we’re here for. 

We’re here to help you become a leader and changemaker by getting your fully funded PhD, so you can change the world and live a wildly fulfilling life.

 If you don’t have all the knowledge and skills right now to get into your dream PhD successfully, this is where we come in.

 You can do this while working full time, going to school full time, juggling family, friends, and a million other life commitments.

 In the Fearless Grad Program we teach you how to get accepted and funded at top PhD programs without the stress.


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Hi, I'm Dr. Natalie.

I used this exact process to get accepted to 100% of the PhD programs I applied to. 
I did the PhD application process while working full-time, planning a wedding, and living in a cramped apartment with roommates.
In short, I know it’s tough to find the time to go after your goals, and that’s exactly why I created the Fearless Grad program to show you how to reach your PhD goals in the most strategic way possible.
Since completing my PhD I’ve doubled my income, and provide a life for my family I am proud of. I love helping passionate PhD hopefuls like you become leaders and create the life of their dreams.

Why Will You Be Successful? 

The Fearless Grad Approach


Checkout this video to learn how the Fearless Grad Program Works.

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4 Main Parts of The Fearless Grad Program Work Together To Deliver Results

The Fearless Grad On-Demand Program Overview

  • How to translate your passion into actual research and career goals.
  • What funding strategy makes the most sense for you.
  • How to calculate the value of your degree, and communicate this to your friends and family so they’ll stop hassling you.
  • How to communicate with your support system to get the support you need, instead of pressure and judgment.
  • How to find the exact right PhD programs for you and your goals.
  • What 3 things to consider when evaluating programs.
  • The super sneaky way to find “hidden gem” programs that most applicants aren’t doing.
  • My system to save time finding programs and funding opportunities simultaneously.


  • How to craft your resume so it wows the admissions committee.
  • Key things to avoid on your resume, which are guaranteed to make their eyes glaze over and say “next”.
  • What GRE strategy is best for you (if you need one at all!).
  • How to connect with everyone in academia so they are all saying the same thing: “we want her!”
  • How to finally know which professor is the best one to reach out to.
  • Email templates and guides to not only connect with faculty but actually get responses.
  • What key questions you should be asking program admins, so you don’t end up at the wrong program and hate it.
  • How to run a zoom interview with potential faculty like the leader you are.
  • Bonus interviews with actual University professors on what they’re looking for in PhD candidates.
  • How to get amazing letters of rec, even if you’ve lost touch with faculty.
  • How to update your Linkedin so their very first google search of your name makes them say “yes, yes we definitely want to speak with her”.
  • Checklist for all application materials, so you’re not scrambling at the last minute to get them together.
  • How to decide scientifically where you should apply for your PhD. 
  • How to find additional sources of funding outside of the Universities.
  • Make yourself competitive, no matter what your background or GPA are.
  • The 3 key things scholarship committees are looking for.
  • What the essay prompt really means, and how you should approach it.
  • The 4 things every statement of purpose MUST include.
  • Pitfalls to avoid looking like someone who has no clue what they are doing.
  • My million dollar SOP template, that makes it so easy to draft your SOP you’ll have your first draft done in a weekend.
  • How to craft research statements so the professors can’t wait to work with you.
  • How to ace the formal interviews, so you’re not a maybe but you’re a ‘hell yes’.
  • How to negotiate and decide where you should accept your PhD offer.
  • What to expect from PhD programs, so you’re prepared and confident.

The Guarantee

The Fearless Grad process is guaranteed: if you do the work and don't get the results you want, we will work with you 100% free next cycle until you hit your goal. It is no risk, and all reward. We’re that certain in our process and in you getting results.

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The first step is to book a call so we can determine if we're a match to work together, if we belive 100% we can help you reach your PhD goals we'll discuss next steps to work together.

Fearless Grad Wins


Fully Funded PhD at The University of Oklahoma


Fully Funded PhD at Stanford University


"I made the decision to go to grad school a little later on, and finding resources and trying to learn about the whole process was very daunting.

Natalie definitely helped clarify this and was also full of great tips I would not have found without her. She helped streamline my thought process and how to focus and reach out to professors.

Really helped me find a vision with a way forward on this whole process."

Fully Funded PhD at Princeton


"I could take all of the skills you provided and create all of these working documents I needed. And I feel really confident in what I’m submitting. I know deep down I did everything right, and that’s a really good feeling."


Fully Funded PhD at Miami University




"Before the Fearless Grad program I was at a 5/10 and now after doing the program I’m a 9/10 on confidence to apply to PhD programs. I felt way more organized though the whole process.


Fully Funded PhD at Worcester Polytechnic Institute



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What happens when you join

  • When you join the Fearless Grad program you get instant access to all of the online trainings and modules, expert collaborative 1:1 sessions, the community, weekly coaching, and all of the bonuses (live training events pop up all the time). 
  • You’ll have a plan you can put in place and start executing from day one.
  • You'll be able to ask unlimited questions in our private slack group, and finally know you are doing everything in your power to create the best application so you end up in the fully funded pile instead of the 'maybe next year' pile.
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