I remember emailing you saying I'm not sure I should go through with this, because the application process is all new to me and I don't know if I'll succeed.
But, with all of your guidance, I got into my dream program in my dream school. It's a dream come true.
- Debanjana (Fully funded PhD at Texas A&M)
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The structure of this program made it a fairly peaceful process, cuz there was a plan and a rhyme and reason for everything. So now I'm on the other side of the Fearless Grad Program with an acceptance in my sanity. The biggest thing that stuck out to me during the program was the concept of contacting the advisor and having that conversation.                                                                                 
Kenna (Fully funded PhD at Vanderbilt)
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Coming into the PhD process, I had a bunch of schools, like 40 of them I was interested in. And I had no way of narrowing them down. This program was so helpful in helping me create my list of 5 programs. I also had direct communication with professors at all of these programs. So this program was a huge help.                                                                               


- Catherine (Fully funded PhD at Princeton)
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I was honestly not sure if I should be applying. It felt too scary to re-apply again. Like I didn't have it in me. And now it's wow, knowing I could actually do this. Dreams do come true. The most valuable part of the program is meeting with Natalie every week and brainstorming like figuring out which program I want to go to and what kind of job I would end up wanting.                                                                                
- Stephanie (Fully funded PhD at Hawaii)
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