Writing a PhD Statement of Purpose doesn’t have to be hard.


After all, you’re the expert in you, so why is this thing hanging over your head?


You’re probably stressed out because you care. Because you care so much about getting into your dream PhD program with funding and this SOP feels like the only thing standing in your way.


I get it.

I’ve been you.

And I’ve helped teach hundreds of people how to write their best SOP and get a fully funded PhD offer.


That’s why I created the Fearless Grad SOP Package to teach you exactly how it’s done.

Writing a winning Statement of Purpose gets you 3 huge benefits:

      • You gain admission to your dream PhD program

      • You get a fully-funded position worth $300,000+

      • You gain entry to an elite arena where you become a leader and changemaker


This can be a life-changing thing for you, your family, and your future.

But, here’s the thing.

Approaching this with stress and anxiety is not going to produce the best results.

It is far more effective to follow a proven process, and avoid any confusion, so you can focus on what you do best: describing your passions and why you are the best person possible to achieve these PhD goals.

We understand better than anyone how bad you want this.

And we understand how you might be feeling overwhelmed trying to do this while juggling everything else on your plate.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could follow a step-by-step process developed by a PhD expert who won multiple offers and succeeded in her PhD at an Ivy League school?


This is exactly why I developed the Fearless Grad SOP Master Sessions – to help you achieve big results while saving you time and anxiety.

On-demand trainings

Bite sized videos and guides to teach you the simple 4-step process to write your best SOP.

SOP template and 3 winning essays

Follow the template and see exactly how successful PhDs made their fully-funded PhD a reality.

1 SOP review

Your personal PhD consultant will review your SOP with track changes, comments, and suggestions for improvements. This is sent to you prior to the collaborative session so you can get straight to work crafting your best SOP together.

1-hour collaborative session with your PhD consultant

Our system of asking the right questions to draw out your genius makes crafting your best SOP easy. Trust us, this session will dramatically improve your SOP and teach you how to be a more critical writer.

A 2nd round of SOP revisions

Your personal PhD consultant will review your SOP to finalize any changes and make it perfectly polished to hit ‘submit’.

Hey, can’t I just send you my essay and you mark it up and send it back?


Well, we could. But, it wouldn’t be very effective.

You wouldn’t become a stronger writer and a more capable PhD, and we’d probably need to do about 10 rounds of revisions until you start grasping what a real PhD Statement of Purpose should look like.

Instead, we save you time and energy by showing you exactly what you need to do in our small bite-sized trainings to make it crystal clear what to leave in and what to take out. We’ve worked with many PhD hopefuls, and skipping this step usually means their SOP resembles an undergrad application or worse. Trust us, you want to follow the simple guidelines to make your SOP stand out.

The live collaborative session with a PhD expert is truly life-changing. We use our proven process of asking the right questions to draw out why you are the best person to succeed in this PhD and should absolutely be awarded a full funding package of $300k. Use this time to absorb their expertise, and then apply it again and again to all your future work.

How the SOP Master Sessions works:


      • You purchase this SOP package.

      • You get a confirmation email with access to the on-demand trainings, templates, and winning SOP essays.

      • You write your SOP following this proven framework.

      •  You send your SOP to your PhD consultant and book your 1:1 zoom session.

      •  Your PhD consultant reviews and edits your SOP prior to your meeting so we can spend the collaborative session drawing out your gold nuggets.

      •  You and your PhD consultant meet for the 1:1 session and craft an amazing SOP.

      •  You finalize your SOP and send it back to your consultant for a final round of revisions.

      •  Your PhD consultant reviews and revises your SOP, sends it back to you in 5 business days and you submit with confidence!

Get Your PhD SOP Master Sessions Now

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