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This Training Teaches You How To:

Use the exact process that got me and my clients fully funded PhD offers.

Real, actionable steps you can implement today.

Connect with professors, so they want to hire you.

Even if sending cold emails and reaching out scares you.


Showcase your value as the top candidate.

Use your authentic voice to create multiple full-funding offers.

If you don’t have multiple offers from professors to become a fully-funded PhD student in your inbox right now, you need this training.

The System That Works

If you’ve been wanting to get into dream PhD programs, you know there’s a lot of information out there. No one else breaks it down like this. I reveal the exact actionable steps you need to take to get accepted and fully-funded.

I personally used this system to get 3 fully funded offers (I only applied to 3 schools!) and my clients use the same system to get results.

Hosted By Dr. Natalie Morse, who has helped passionate people just like you get in and funded.


I’ve seen too many people waste hundreds of hours studying for the GRE or googling for the perfect program, and not putting the right systems in place to ensure acceptance. I know this is why the PhD acceptance rate is so low (25%), and I know exactly how to help you beat those odds. I had multiple offers to top PhD programs, and was able to select the program that best aligned with my goals and values. 

You might be thinking that you’re not qualified, or not smart enough, or that everyone else has a better shot than you. I’ll be showing you why that just isn’t true. You might be feeling overwhelmed by the entire process, and unable to make any real progress on your own. I’ll show you how to put the systems into place to make sure you knock off every item on your list, without the added stress and anxiety.

If you’re ready to learn the real process to get in and get funded, then enroll in this free training.

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