What We Believe And Support

A fearless grad is someone who chooses to go to graduate school on their terms.

They know they have more to offer the world than their current role.

They know why the PhD serves their life goals and are willing to commit 100%.

A fearless grad knows they bring value to the university, not the other way around.

A fearless grad is free from self-doubt, sabotage and “I cant’s”.

They know they are capable of changing the world and can’t wait to learn and grow during their PhD to become leaders and changemakers.

Meet Natalie

Natalie is the founder and director of the Fearless Grad program and has her PhD from Cornell University in Environmental Engineering. While at Cornell University Natalie was awarded a highly competitive fellowship through the National Science Foundation. She also secured funding for a collaborative research travel grant in Melbourne, Australia. Natalie holds her M.S. from North Carolina State University where she again secured full funding. During her undergrad at Michigan State University, she received individual scholarships each year. 

She is passionate about helping people from underrepresented groups achieve success and has mentored countless people in this arena. 

She lives in South Carolina with her husband and three children (not shown is the chocolate lab).

Meet Our Team


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PhD Consultant | bio


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