Here’s the truth: there will always be a reason not to do something.


If you’ve found yourself here wanting to get your PhD, it’s not by accident.


It’s because you wholeheartedly believe in your dreams, and believe that you will have a bigger impact in the world with your PhD.


I believe everyone can make this dream a reality, and a PhD should not be reserved for a select few with academic parents, or money, or fancy degrees. It is for everyone who is smart, resilient, and passionate.


I created the Fearless Grad Program to make the PhD application process easy, fun, and successful. The less time you spend scared and confused the more time you can spend on what really matters to you and your future: getting into your dream PhD program.

Like any good PhD, I have short term and long term goals that align with my values. 

A PhD creates options. And options let you soar.

I believe women have been locked out of the decision making process for too long. 


While a PhD is not required to become a leader in any field, it certainly opens doors. I want more decision making power in the hands of women and underrepresented peoples. And I know obtaining a PhD can help open these doors, allowing us to make greater change in the world.

If you’re all in on your PhD, I invite you to work with me and my team in the Fearless Grad Program.